Fee Accounting

At Rector, Reeder & Lofton,  P.C. we understand that the HUD accounting can be a difficult and cumbersome process.  Often times, it is simply too expensive and time consuming to hire and train a finance team that will produce accurate and timely results. 

Through years of experience working with PHAs our team has learned the precise and effective methodology.  Our firm utilizes a team of professionals that will provide specific recommendations for improving management's compliance and control procedures. 

Monthly Bookkeeping Services:

  •     Preparation of Journal Vouchers
  •     Posting of General Ledger
  •     Posting of Other Ledgers
  •     Reconciliation of Bank Statements
  •     Preparation of Investment Register

Annual Bookkeeping Services:

  •     Preparation of Insurance Register
  •     Maintenance of Fixed Asset Register/Depreciation Schedule
  •     Budget and Subsidy Preparation
  •     Preparation of the Management Discussion & Analysis
  •     Preparation of the Annual Auditor Packet

Monthly Financial Statement Services:

  •     Statement of Net Assets
  •     Statement of Operating Receipts & Expenditures
  •     Grant Cost Statements

Annual Financial Statement Services:

  •     FDS Submission to REAC
  •     VMS Data Preparation and Submission

For more information, please contact our office.